Biomass Balance EPS

Insulated shippers

Biomass Balance EPS

All Styrofoam thermoboxes are produced in Biomass Balance EPS. Fossil raw materials are replaced by organic, regrowing raw materials.

No tooling costs

When choosing your thermobox from our standard program, you will not incur any tool costs.

Cooling elements or dry ice

Our thermobox made of polystyrene are suitable for use with cooling elements or dry ice. You are welcome to have a look at our cooling elements.

100% recyclable

Styrofoam is 100% recyclable. A thermobox made of Styrofoam also get a second life as a geo triangle or surfboard at the end of their life cycle.

At short notice

When choosing from our standard program we can provide you with your thermobox Styrofoam at a reasonable price and at short notice.

Individual sizes

We can also make your thermobox with individual dimensions – we do not buy our products – we produce ourselves. Just write us an email.

THERMOCON Standard program

Thermo boxes Biomass Balance EPS

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Natural fiber
thermo box

100% regrowing. 100% recyclable.

Thermo box and Biomass Balance EPS boxes for different applications

THERMOCON offers a wide range of thermal packaging like thermobox or styrofoam boxes made of Biomass Balance EPS. The customer can choose a thermobox from different volumes and sizes: starting from 0.57 litres product space volume up to 1275 litres. All Biomass Balance EPS boxes are suitable for use with dry ice and cooling elements.

thermobox from THERMOCON consists of:

– EPS box made of Biomass Balance EPS

– EPS lid made of Biomass Balance EPS

– depending on the EPS box, a stacking frame may be included

Thermo box for shipping of sensitive food

A thermobox made of Biomass Balance Styrofoam is particularly well suited for shipping foodstuffs due to its low weight and excellent insulating properties. Meat and fish, but also other frozen foods can be transported safely over a longer period of time.

However, an insulated styrofoam box is also a good choice from an economic point of view. If you decide on a thermobox from our standard program, there are no tool costs for you. In addition, the chosen styrofoam box is available at short notice and can therefore be used quickly.

In addition, the thermobox made of Biomass Balance Styrofoam is of course approved for direct contact with foodstuffs.

Polystyrene box and sustainability

Conventional Styrofoam is made from fossil raw materials. In the case of thermo boxes made of Biomass Balance Styrofoam, crude oil and gas are replaced 100% by bio-oil and bio-gas. These are obtained from bio-waste. Thus, they do not compete with food crops. The advantage of the “biomass balance” process is that, since the subsequent manufacturing steps are identical, the positive thermal and mechanical properties of the styrofoam also remain unchanged. However, with 75% CO₂ₑ savings compared to classic styrofoam.

Moreover, the Biomass Balance EPS thermo box is 100% recyclable. Unfortunately, this is often not the case with coated cardboard or paper.

Thermo box with a long tradition

The Schaumaplast Group can draw on over 50 years of experience as a polystyrene manufacturer. Since 1964, moulded parts and packaging made of EPS, commonly known as Styrofoam® or airpop®, EPP and other particle foams have been produced. Today the Schaumaplast Group is represented at three locations in Germany. There are also plants in Poland and the USA.

Under the brand name THERMOCON, Schaumaplast’s own business unit focuses on the development and manufacture of reliable cold chain solutions.