Thermal Engineering


Computer-aided thermal calculation and design

Prototype construction

Milling patterns and 3D-printing


Climate chamber tests and qualification of thermal packaging


Production EPS- or EPP-boxes and cooling elements

Risk Management

Risk Lane Analysis – avoid temperature deviations

Computer-based modelling of existing passive thermal packaging systems. Based on the 3D model, different scenarios can be thermally simulated. The limits at application of the packaging can be determined and measures can be derived.

Climate chamber tests

Testing and qualifying of thermal packaging solutions

The thermal performance of newly developed or existing thermal packaging is being tested in climate chamber tests. The tested packaging is exposed to different ambient temperatures. How does the passive cooling system work with a summer profile, how with winter profile? The simulated temperatures are based on real temperature data or on standards such as ISTA or AFNOR.

Individual thermal packaging

Everything from a single source – from the thermal design to the climatic chamber test.

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