Slim Line

Advanced VIP and PCM technology

Slim design based on vacuum insulation panels (VIP) and advanced phase change materials (PCM) leads to a perfect balance between thermal performance and volume weight.

Coverage of various temperature ranges

Slim Line thermal packaging covers all four common temperature ranges Ambient, Cold, Frozen, as well as use with dry ice. For this, only the cooling elements have to be exchanged.

Consistent process all year round

The Slim Line is always equipped with the same cooling elements and preconditioning for both summer and winter outside temperatures. This reduces errors in the packing process.

Vacuum insulation panels

Vacuum insulation panels (VIP) are insulation elements in which airless spaces (vacuum) are incorporated. In this way, excellent insulation performance can be achieved while maintaining low panel thickness. The stable sheathing of the VIPs makes the insulation panels robust against external influences in demanding applications.

Phase Change Material (PCM)

Phase Change Material (PCM) cooling elements release their stored energy to the environment during their phase transition from solid to liquid. A passive cooling package can thus be kept safely in a predefined temperature range over a longer period of time – without additional energy supply from the outside. With our different melting points, we can reliably cover the temperature ranges Frozen, Cold and Ambient for your thermal transport.

Twin-wall-sheet outer box

The Slim Line outer box, made of twin-wall-sheets, combines superior stability with extreme lightness. It is resistant to moisture and has a high insulation capacity, even in the event of temperature fluctuations. The Slim Line is therefore ideal for multi-way applications, heavy-duty applications and for the transport of sensitive products.

1 box. 4 temperature ranges.

The Slim Line packaging solution can be used for the common temperature ranges Ambient, Cold and Frozen. For this, only the cooling element set needs to be changed. The product line can also be used with dry ice.

Thermal robustness

The THERMOCON Slim Line multi-use passive thermal packaging features excellent thermal protection.
Tested and pre-qualified with the realistic and demanding ISTA temperature profile 7D, and with empty product space for maximum safety.
The Thermocon Slim Line maintains the product temperature even with fluctuating external temperatures, e.g. during hot-cold transports.

Universal Packout

Identical cooling elements and preconditioning – regardless of the outside temperature. A consistent, “universal” packing scheme, all year round.

✓ Error-free & simplified assembly.
✓ No need to decide which packing scheme to use at which outside temperature.
✓ Safe shipping in changing outdoor temperatures, e.g. from cold conditions at the shipper to warm at the receiver.

The thermobox is always equipped with the same cooling elements and preconditioning for summer and winter outside temperatures.

Mechanical robustness

The combination of robust twin-wall-sheet casing and vacuum insulation panels (VIP) with integrated shock-absorbing layer makes the Slim Line thermal packaging solution resistant to mechanical impact during demanding transports. This product line is therefore also ideal for heavy duty applications.


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