Frozen elements instead of dry ice

No hazardous material

Dry ice has a temperature of about -78,5°C. Careless handling can cause cold burns. Sublimation produces large quantities of CO₂ gases, which can lead to suffocation and dangerous overpressure in closed containers. Dry ice is therefore subject to the regulations for hazardous goods. Logistics companies, airlines and even one of the largest shipping service providers are increasingly rejecting the transport of dry ice in thermal packaging.

More flexibility

In these cases, frozen elements are a flexible alternative to dry ice. The gel packs, foam bricks and hard-shell cooling packs are frozen in customary freezers at min. -30°C. There is no need for just-in-time deliveries of dry ice. Especially when frozen elements are used several times, they are also a considerable economic alternative.

Safe alternative

Although dry ice is unbeatable in its energy density, it is simply too cold in some applications. Many foodstuffs or pharmaceutical products must not fall below a temperature of -25°C. Our frozen elements can even ensure this in direct product contact. The ingredients are not toxic. The elements can be reused or disposed of with normal household waste.

THERMOCON Frozen Elements

A safe alternative to dry ice

The largest shipping service provider in Germany has banned the sending of dangerous goods as standard parcels in November 2019. All THERMOCON frozen elements are not classified as dangerous goods. This means less effort for you, as the strict regulations of the dangerous goods classification do not apply: no complex documentation, no safety measures and no strict regulations for the transport of dangerous goods.

Gel Pack Pro -21

The Gel Pack Pro -21 was developed especially for the frozen sector. This cooling element reliably maintains the temperature range of -15° to -25°C. Unlike dry ice, it does not get too cold. Even direct contact with the product is possible. You do not need any hazardous goods labelling for this frozen element. Due to the robust PA/PE composite foil, the Gel Pack Pro -21 is ideally suited for multiple applications.

Weight in gDimensions (L x W x H) in mm
200190 x 100 x 15
300200 x 150 x 12
400200 x 150 x 20
445150 x 220 x 10
460190 x 150 x 22
500150 x 155 x 25

Foam Brick -21

The Foam Brick -21 has its melting range at about -21°C. It is therefore a reliable cooling element that can keep your temperature-sensitive products within a constant range of -15° to -25°C. In addition, this frozen element is not subject to dangerous goods regulations. The Foam Brick -21 absorbs heat evenly and is leak-proof due to its dimensionally stable foam core. This element can be used several times thanks to its robust composite foil.

Weight in gDimensions (L x W x H) in mm
460195 x 130 x 21
520136 x 136 x 30
630177 x 102 x 39
660120 x 100 x 60
1300280 x 190 x 25
1750286 x 236 x 27

PCM -21

The HDPE PCM -21 is a frozen element with a special filling of phase change material. Like all THERMOCON frozen elements, the HDPE PCM -21 is a safe and reliable alternative to dry ice. It maintains the desired product temperature in the range of -15° to -25°C over a longer period of time. However, the HDPE PCM -21 is not classified as a hazardous material, so the strict requirements for the transport of hazardous goods are not applicable. This element is one of our standard cooling packs. It can be used in various THERMOCON systems. This saves storage and acquisition costs.

Weight in gDimensions (L x W x H) in mm
1410280 x 190 x 26
THERMOCON Thermal Systems

More safety. Less effort.

Our pre-qualified complete systems have already been thermally tested for all requirements of frozen transport or frozen shipping in the range of -15 to -25°C. You will receive a thermo box, frozen elements, outer box and all necessary thermal documentation. Our easy to understand, illustrated step-by-step assembly instructions reduce errors to a minimum.

And if you cannot do without dry ice: Our approximately 100 thermo boxes are also suitable for the transport with dry ice.

Classic Line

Pre-qualified complete systems:
Thermobox made of EPS (Styrofoam/airpop®) or Neopor, outer carton, cooling elements.

Slim Line

Slim design based on vacuum insulation panels (VIP) and advanced phase change materials (PCM).

Premium 12

Elegant transport case with robust EPP thermo box, vacuum insulation panels (VIP) & phase change material cooling elements (PCM).

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Individual Solutions

Not the right payload?
Not found the right duration?

We develop your individual passive thermal packaging according to your requirements. We offer you the “all-in-one” principle: from the conception and prototype construction to qualification in the company’s own climate chambers. We test in worst-case scenarios with empty to minimally filled product space, as well as realistic standard temperature profiles such as AFNOR or ISTA.

Simply contact us for a non-binding consultation. Call us, send us an e-mail or simply fill out our contact form.