PCM Pack

The PCM pack (PCM = Phase Change Material) opens up new possibilities for the temperature-controlled transport of pharmaceutical products, such as medicines or other temperature-sensitive goods in various temperature ranges. For example, strongly fluctuating outside temperatures can be absorbed and a falling below a certain temperature mark can be avoided.

The ambient temperature range (+15 to +25°C) is one of the typical temperature ranges for the storage and transportation of pharmaceuticals and medicines. For passive thermal packaging, temperature-controlled water-based refrigerants are often used to maintain these temperature limits. These may not be sufficient to maintain the permissible temperature range in hot and especially cold ambient temperatures. Special PCM packs with melting points at +18°C and +22°C can achieve that.

But the PCM pack can also show its strengths in the cold temperature range (+2 to +8°C). It reliably keeps the temperature range inside the Thermobox stable and thus prevents the temperature from falling below or exceeding a certain mark.

The THERMOCON PCM frozen pack melts at -21°C and thus covers the frozen temperatue range (<-15°C). It’s a good alternative to dry ice when transporting temperature-sensitive goods. Dry ice is increasingly critical, especially in air freight, and is classified as hazardous goods. Some service providers even generally reject the use of thermal packaging equipped with dry ice. The PCM frozen pack is also much safer to handle than dry ice. Dry ice consists of frozen CO₂, which has a temperature of -80°C. Appropriate precautions must be taken when handling dry ice, otherwise burns may result. In addition, the PCM frozen pack can be reused as often as required. This is a further advantage over the one-way solution dry ice.

The PCM packs from THERMOCON are one of the most powerful on the market.