Cooling elements

Gel Packs

From gel packs for one way applications to
to gel pack with paper foil for a natural look.

Foam Bricks

Dimensionally stable cooling elements with foam core and different geometries.

Hard Shell Packs

Cooling elements with a stable and robust hard plastic cover and water filling.

Phase Change Material (PCM)

Robust hard shell packs with different phase change material fillings.

Flexible Cooling mats

Flexible cooling mats in different sizes with water-filled segmented chambers. For flexibility even when frozen.

Are you looking for a safe alternative to dry ice?

We offer Gel Packs, Foam Bricks and PCM cooling elements as a safe alternative to dry ice. The elements, unlike dry ice, are not subject to dangerous goods regulations.

Cooling elements from THERMOCON for an uninterrupted cold chain

The GDP-compliant shipping of temperature-sensitive products is becoming increasingly important and so is the quality of the cooling elements. In order to maintain the required temperature limits and running times, the right cooling elements in the right quantity must be correctly positioned.

THERMOCON offers a wide range of different cooling elements for different temperature ranges and running times and provides support in the selection process. Starting with the inexpensive gel pack up to the PCM-Pack, which is filled with different phase change materials.

The right cooling elements for every temperature range

In the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical sectors, there are three common temperature ranges in which temperature-sensitive products, such as sera or active ingredients, must be transported and stored:

  • +15 to +25°C (Ambient)
  • +2 to +8°C (Cold)
  • <-15°C (Frozen)

To cover these areas, THERMOCON offers a wide range of different cooling packs. For the temperature ranges Cold and Ambient we offer gel packs in different versions, Foam Bricks with stable foam core, segmented Cooling mats for high flexibility, HDPE Packs with a robust hard shell and water-based filling and phase change materials are used.

The frozen PCM pack as a safe alternative to dry ice

The use of dry ice in the shipping of temperature-sensitive products is increasingly criticised. According to IATA-DGR (International Air Transport Association – Dangerous Goods), dry ice as a coolant is classified as a dangerous good in air transport (UN 1845). In air transport, as well as in the regulations for the road transport of dangerous goods (ADR), dry ice must be labelled.

Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide (CO₂). Dry ice has its phase transition at -78.5°C and changes directly to the gaseous state without melting. Dry ice can therefore only be used once. If this cooling product is handled carelessly, there is a risk of cold burns.

The PCM frozen pack and the PCM gel pack represent a safe alternative to the hazardous material dry ice. The melting point of the special PCM (Phase Change Material) is -21°C. The frozen elements are preconditioned at -30°C to -40°C. The advantage over dry ice is the reusability and safe handling of the PCM pack.  Furthermore, no special labelling of the cooling elements is required.