Gel Packs

from one-way cold packs, to gel packs for frozen shipping, to gel packs with robust foiling for multiple use.

Suitable for food

All gel packs are non-toxic and approved for direct food contact in accordance with EU directives.

Fully Recyclable

The Gel Pack Basic is our most affordable cooling element with 100% recyclable foil for easy and complete recycling of the cooling element.


The gel packs can be produced in special sizes and individual foil printing, depending on the quantity ordered.

Gel Pack Basic

Our cheapest cooling element with simple PE foil.
This gel pack is best suited for disposable applications. The melting point is 0°C.

Gel Pack Pro

Due to the robust PA/PE composite film the Gel Pack Pro can be used several times.
It is available with a melting point of 0°C and -21°C.

Gelpack Recycle

Gel packs with 40% recycled content. High recyclate content saves resources & reduces CO₂ footprint compared to conventional wrapping. Reuse of materials for new products instead of disposal, strengthens the circular economy.

Matching Styrofoam Thermobox?

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