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THERMOCON at the PharmaDialog with DHL Global Forwarding


We were invited by DHL Global Forwarding to present our specialized passive thermal packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical industry at the PharmaDialog in Raunheim. The focus was on our innovative approaches to managing the transportation of temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products, such as vaccines or biotech drugs. These thermal packaging solutions facilitate the entire supply chain process and are crucial to ensure that pharmaceutical products are kept in optimal conditions during transportation to ensure their efficacy and safety.

By participating in the PharmaDialog, we not only had the opportunity to present our products, but also to receive valuable feedback from industry professionals. We appreciate the excellent organization of this event by DHL Global Forwarding and would like to thank the entire team for their hospitality and invitation.

This meeting not only allowed us to expand our network, but also gave us the opportunity to gain deeper insights into the current trends and challenges of pharmaceutical logistics. The collaboration with DHL Global Forwarding is of great importance to us and we look forward to working together on innovative thermal packaging solutions in the future.

About DHL Global Forwarding:

DHL Global Forwarding is an international logistics company specializing in freight and supply chain solutions. The company offers a wide range of services, including air and ocean freight, overland transportation, customs clearance and warehousing. DHL Global Forwarding plays a critical role in the efficient movement of goods worldwide and specializes in complex logistics challenges.

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