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Partnership with MdG Srl: Italian distributor for THERMOCON products


As the demand for passive cooling solutions continues to grow on the Italian market, we are cooperating with MdG Srl, an Italian company specializing in the distribution and development of thermal transport and packaging solutions for the national and international cold chain sector.

➡️ Our customer focus: Italian customers now receive tailored support and advice in their native language from a dedicated sales partner.

➡️ Local services: Based near Rome, MdG Srl provides efficient and punctual services and, thanks to its proximity to the airport, offers rapid logistical support in the cold chain sector.

➡️ Our customers benefit: MdG Srl will provide additional services for THERMOCON packaging, including: ▪️ On-site storage for fast delivery of THERMOCON products ▪️ Temporary storage for the handling of sensitive pharmaceutical products ▪️ Pre-cooling and freezing of refrigerated components ▪️ Precise preparation and pack-out of thermal packaging solutions

🤝 Many thanks to Marco Del Giudice and the entire team at MdG Srl for the great partnership. Valuable insights have been gained that contribute to our mutual success and we look forward to further successes together.

About MdG Srl

MdG was founded in 2010 and consists of a young and innovative team that presents itself as a partner rather than a supplier. MdG’s goal is to support customers with cold chain solutions from products and services of leading companies in the market. MdG strives to find and develop ever better solutions while supporting reuse and recycling to reduce CO₂ emissions as much as possible.

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