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Circular economy: Gel pack Recycle for sustainable thermal packaging solutions


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At THERMOCON, we are determined to develop thermal solutions that not only meet the highest performance standards, but also fulfill our responsibility towards our environment.

NEW: Gel pack made from 40% recycled material

The introduction of Gel pack Recycle is in line with our holistic approach to the circular economy.

The circular economy means that existing resources are used efficiently, waste is minimized and products are recycled at the end of their life cycle.

The Gel pack Recycle consists of 40% recycled material, which means we are taking an important step towards conserving resources and reducing waste. By using recycled materials and offering a reusable packaging solution, we are helping to reduce our carbon footprint and our dependence on finite resources.

At THERMOCON, we firmly believe that the circular economy is the key to a sustainable future, and the Gelpack Recycle is an example of how we put this concept into practice.

Sustainable Gel pack: the benefits for our customers

♻️ 40% recycled material: The Gel pack Recycle is made from 40% recycled material and offers an efficient and reusable solution for environmentally conscious cooling.

🌱 100% recyclable film: Our monofilm is not only easy to dispose of in the yellow garbage can, but is also 100% recyclable and complies with environmentally friendly practices.

🌍 Over 20% CO₂e savings: Opt for sustainability without compromising on efficiency! The high proportion of recycled material in our film contributes to over 20% CO₂e savings compared to conventional alternatives.

🌡️ Reliable cooling: Safe cooling of temperature-sensitive products to ensure reliability and integrity along the supply chain.

💸 Cost-efficient: In addition to its environmental benefits, the Gel pack Recycle is a cost-effective, reusable solution.

📦 Available sizes: 200g – 680g 🌡️ Melting points: -21°C and 0°C

ℹ️ Individual sizes and melting points are available on request.

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