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THERMOCON Paper: Thermo boxes made from almost 100% recycled material


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At THERMOCON, we are taking a significant step towards sustainable packaging with our latest product line: THERMOCON Paper. The thermal boxes, made from almost 100% recycled paper, offer a multitude of advantages for the safe and ecologically responsible transportation of temperature-sensitive goods.

THERMOCON Paper – Sustainable thermo box made from recycled paper:

The dimensionally stable insulating panels are at the heart of our sustainable Thermo box, which not only provide excellent insulation, but also place a clear focus on environmental protection and resource conservation. THERMOCON Paper is made from almost 100% recycled paper. By converting waste products into resources, it helps to reduce the ecological footprint and minimize the environmental impact.

Disposal and recycling

Disposing of THERMOCON Paper thermo boxes is extremely straightforward. After use, the boxes can be recycled as a whole with the waste paper. This process not only supports an efficient circular economy, but also reduces the need for raw materials for the production of new packaging materials.

Comparable insulation performance to polystyrene boxes

The insulation performance of the paper boxes is comparable to traditional EPS thermal boxes. This ensures the safe transportation of temperature-sensitive products. The Paper thermo boxes are also suitable for use with dry ice, which increases the flexibility of the shipping option.

Product variants and sizes

The THERMOCON Paper Thermo boxes are available in two versions: Basic, the paper insulation mats are without wrapping and directly visible, and Pro, with fully wrapped paper insulation mats to keep the product space free of natural fibers. Different sizes (5 L, 14 L, 24 L, 55 L) enable adaptation to different transport requirements.

Thermal tests and running times

The paper-based thermo boxes were tested under real conditions for the deep-freeze range with dry ice and the cold range with gel packs. These pre-tested complete systems are designed for shipping times of 24 or up to 48 hours. We are also happy to adapt the systems to your individual needs – with your products, your transit times and your requirements.

Sustainable packaging as a contribution to the circular economy

The use of THERMOCON Paper Thermo boxes makes a significant contribution to promoting a sustainable circular economy. Various aspects support the conservation of resources, recycling and the closing of material cycles.

Recyclability and resource conservation

The Paper thermo boxes consist largely of recycled paper, which is already a contribution to the conservation of resources. After use, they can be completely recycled with the waste paper, allowing valuable raw materials to be recovered and reused. This reduces the need to obtain new materials and therefore helps to conserve natural resources.

Closed-loop recycling management

The possibility of introducing the thermo boxes into the recycling process after use promotes a closed-loop economy. By transforming waste into valuable resources, the need for landfill is reduced and the environmental impact is minimized. This approach supports the goal of sustainable development and contributes to the creation of a circular economy in which waste is seen as a resource.

Reduction of the ecological footprint

By using recycled paper and promoting the circular economy, Paper Thermo boxes help to reduce the environmental footprint. Companies that choose these sustainable packaging solutions are showing a commitment to environmental protection and helping to create a sustainable future.

Possible applications for the paper box in the pharmaceutical and food sectors

THERMOCON Paper Thermo boxes not only offer thermal properties comparable to those of polystyrene boxes, but also have a significant impact on the perception of the shipping company in terms of its environmental awareness and ecological responsibility. Thanks to the reliable insulation and the use of sustainable materials, they offer an ideal solution for the transportation of pharmaceutical and food products, which not only protects the quality of the products, but also strengthens the company’s image.

Thermal performance and safety

The thermo boxes made of natural fibers ensure reliable insulation that is comparable to conventional polystyrene boxes. As a result, pharmaceutical products or perishable foodstuffs maintain an optimum temperature during transportation, which ensures the safety and quality of the products.

Ecological awareness and trust

The visible use of natural fibers in the thermo boxes conveys a clear impression of environmental friendliness and sustainability. This conscious approach to packaging solutions is perceived by many recipients as a positive signal and reflects the company’s commitment to environmental protection. This can lead to positive feedback and strengthen customer confidence in the brand. Consciously opting for sustainable packaging solutions therefore helps to strengthen long-term customer relationships and improve brand perception.

Contact us to find out more about our sustainable thermal packaging options. Our team will be happy to develop customized solutions for your requirements and help you on your way to an environmentally conscious supply chain.

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